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Birthday Cake / Animal Crackers

Berry Topped Vanilla Scrolls

Berry Topped Vanilla

Oreo Scrolls

So how are we doing this?

We offer an experience that is sure to capture many smiles while you watch us make your custom rolled ice cream right before your eyes! Made with the finest ingredients, as well as capturing whole ingredients, our rolled ice cream is sure to satisfy all ice cream lovers! Our menu offers high-quality creams, made fresh daily to give your family exceptional rolled ice cream. Did I mention we offer Vegan Rolled Ice Cream for those that want a healthier option or have allergies to some foods? Yes, our rolled ice cream even has a healthy option!! We have created a comfortable place to bring your family and enjoy yourself and each other for an experience we know you will not forget!

We offer a vegan option

Rolled Ice Cream

Our Event Space

The Sweet Room

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